Has your car been burning a ton of gas?

Or does your truck have smoke coming from the tailpipe? Maybe your car doesn’t start at all. Don’t panic. Sometimes there is an easy fix for these issues.

Unfortunately the time does come for most vehicles when minor or major engine repair is needed. Let Nelson Automotive determine and diagnose what the issue is and recommend the best plan of action.

Depending on a lot of factors, the best decision may be to make the needed repairs and extend the life of your car. Sometimes the cost of the engine repair might not make sense depending on the extent of the repair and the value of the auto.

Quick Tip:

Is your Check Engine light on?

Don’t panic. It may be minor. Turn off your car when safe and call us for help, advise or repair.

We have the expertise you need.

Nelson Automotive has the expertise to analyze any engine issue and get your car or tuck up in running in no time. With our array of diagnostic tools (pictured above) we can determine and service any system from any make and model. These include dealer level programming capabilities for all Saab and General Motors products.

We also have factory maintenance schedules and diagnostic manuals for all makes and models.

From minor repairs to complete engine rebuild, we can help. We service new and used cars and trucks,  and also classic cars.

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